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Free VIP Memberships for Clubs, AYSO, YMCA, and Schools

Bona-fide soccer organizations* with an initial order of $500 or more are eligible for a FREE VIP Membership.

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Based on your annual purchases SoccerOne will adjust your VIP Discount Pricing to Silver, Gold, or Platinum for the upcoming calendar year. All VIP benefits apply and you will receive your assigned VIP Discount Level Pricing throughout the year regardless of the actual quantity purchased.

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Soccer Organizations with four or more teams will receive special VIP codes so your families and volunteers can receive online VIP benefits.

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Based on a nominal annual commitment SoccerOne will build your own e-commerce site which may include player uniform kits, spirit wear, and soccer equipment.
*Unless otherwise granted, only a President, School AD, or AYSO Regional Commissioner may apply for free VIP Memberships. Soccer Organizations must have a minimum of four teams and submit, at a minimum, complete contact information on at least two purchasers plus a treasurer which can be identified through the organizations' website. To enroll, please contact SoccerOne Customer Service at (888) 297-6386 to enroll or complete the VIP Application Form. Allow three business days for processing. Applications must be submitted by the President, School AD, AYSO Regional Commissioner, or Treasurer only.

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